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To be healed one must know how to pray…

To understand this, one must read here, and look to the comments.

I’m really not trying to be dis-respectful, but when this crap comes to my blog I will have to write about it.

Ruby and I have had people pray for us, do rosaries, etc.. I even have 2 crosses blessed with holy water from Lourdes, France.

His comments to this were:

And many people don’t understand how healing works in the bible so they do what they know to do and pray as they have been taught by Churches who don’t even know what they’re doing.


@ Tracy…first of all thanks for your reply. But where does it say in the bible to “repeat rosaries for someone who is sick?” or have a “cross dipped in holy water from Lourdes France?”. These sound like Catholic rituals to me that man made up because God hides wisdom from the wise and reveals it unto babes.

To view the full comments refer to the link above.

Well his ideology sounds like cult rituals to me, and how dare he talk that way about the people who do this for us with love.

I am not even sure what to say to this. He states, in his blog that MS is caused by those who hate themselves. WTF!! This type of ideology is, well it’s BULLSHIT and can be dangerous. Can you imagine, this quack says he is going to heal someone and BAM it does not work. Why, well I’m sure it will be because the person’s faith was not good enough. What would that do to someone who might also be severely depressed or very faithful?

And there is it. What happens when it doesn’t work? What will be his reasoning then? The person hates themselves, they have no faith, they did not take it seriously. That could send someone over the edge.

He said we were disrespectful, yet he disrespected those who pray for us. What’s that about? My take, he’s disrespectful to others beliefs and ideals. Very sad indeed as it is people like this, who turn others away from Christianity. In my [not so humble] opinion!

Blessings and Hope!