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Mom, you can do it!

Gatorade bottles and their caps are so hard for me to remove. When I got home from the hospital, Roger purchased some Gatorade for me to rehydrate. My daughter handed me one and I asked her to open it for me. She simply replied, “mom you can do it.” I explained, I can’t as my hands don’t work that way anymore. BTW, I am left-handed and that is the hand where I have bad contractures in the fingers. I kept telling her that I cannot do it. She kept telling me to try and yes I can. I started getting frustrated because my left hand was not able to grip it hard enough to open. So I kind of held the bottle with my left hand and switched it out to my right. After a few awkward turns and a lot of cussing, it opened.  I was tickled. It’s been a very long time since I’ve opened my own bottle of anything. So thank you to my wonderful daughter for pushing me to do something I kept saying I can’t. Now I know that I can!

Have courage and be kind.

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