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The greatest loss of life

This must’ve been written for me…

I’ve been dead inside for years. 

I realized today waking up at 12:30 PM that there’s no real reason for me to wake up. I do nothing all day but watch TV, play games on my phone, and watch people living their lives on on social media sites… and I continue to lie in this bed. Six long years going on seven. Is that really living?

Have courage and be kind…

10 thoughts on “The greatest loss of life

  1. I hate what your health insurance has done to you..not paying attention and disregarding your pleas. I have a motto..”what goes around, comes around.”…just when we think something helpful will never happen, it does and when we think something won’t ever happen to someone or something that has wronged us, it happens to them. Life has a funny way of fixing itself or at least giving us comfort..that is what I wish for you..peace and comfort in knowing there will be an answer somewhere. ♥️♥️♥️

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