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Somewhat useful!

Being told, “I was hoping you’d be somewhat useful”, hits hard. Most days I feel ‘useless’. I Don’t need any help in that area…


10 thoughts on “Somewhat useful!

  1. You clearly don’t give yourself enough credit… F- anyone else’s opinion!! You are an inspiration to many and a savior to the 4 legged!! Don’t ever let anyone including yourself say that you are anything less than amazing!!!


  2. Apparently my first message was eaten… If this is a dupe I apologize!!
    You my friend are an inspiration to so many and a savior to those with 4 legs… Don’t ever let anyone… Including yourself… Say that you are anything less than AMAZING!!!!


  3. Someone close to you said that, hmmm…if it were me, that person would be getting the silent treatment for a while. So sorry you had that comment thrown at you, you don’t deserve it.

    Lots of bear HUGS! xoxo


  4. I’m so sorry for these hurtful words, Tracy. As a caretaker, I understand the overwhelm that I feel and also, because I live with it every day, I understand to an extent, Michael’s overwhelm. If this is typical speech for the person, consider asking them to get help in controlling it. If it’s not, maybe it was just a bad day? If it’s one of your kids, it doesn’t hurt any less, but they ARE still children with a lot to learn. Love to you, MzT


  5. I’m so sorry that someone chose to be so hurtful, so careless with their words. I push myself to the point of injury and fatigue for the very reason that I don’t want to feel worthless or useless. I don’t ever want someone to think that way of me, because if they do and they verbalize it, it’s as if they are validating my fears. I love you, my dear friend and I think we have to learn that we determine how useful we are, how much worth we have, not anyone else, especially not people who don’t live with what we live with. ❤


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