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Facebook for Patrick

There are now many FB communities for Patrick, my new one is A Dog Named Patrick. There are three California groups now to fight for Patrick. I hope to see you become a member at any one or all three of them. What information one does not have, another may.

On our show yesterday, The Padded Room, my bff Ruby and I talked about Patrick. It got a bit emotional at times, but it is hard to keep control and emotions in tact when discussing such horrific abuse of a living creature. You can listen to the 30 minute archive by clicking on our The Padded Room link.

There is also a new petition to get signed, Justice for Patrick Petition please take a minute to sign!

Remember, it is about Patrick and all the others abused at the hands of monsters!!

Safe and sound, as it should be...
xx, Tracy...

8 thoughts on “Facebook for Patrick

  1. poor little dog he looks so tender.
    I looked on the site you had liked and saw all the bickering – one cause should be enough as in lets stop this


    1. He is such a love and thankfully getting better daily!! Which one? Patrick’s Law? I left as the egos got out of hand.
      you’d better join mine woman!! lol


  2. joined honey ……..
    Hope she gets the book thrown at her and also makes others think twice about this.
    But then if you have someone like Vick’s getting away with it and still rolling in millions then what message does that send out – he should have been barred from the game for bringing the profession into ill repute


  3. I could not bring myself to read the whole story on Patrick, it is just too devastating for me and it triggers my stress level and my Fibro goes crazy, please understand…but I am in support of these sweet little babies, although not in FB, but I will support in another way.

    Yes, I wish that fucking pig Vick would have stayed where he belonged, but leave it to the Filthadelphia Scumbirds to take him on, please, it sickens me to the core.


  4. Tracy, thank you for the comment on Patrick at “Animal Transition.” I have given your radio and article on Patrick a shout out in a post today. Excellent job, by the way. Again…thank you.



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