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Out of sync…

All morning I kept looking at my clock waiting to get to BTR and get The Padded Room going. Then I realized it’s Wednesday not Thursday. I even marked off my calendar and looked right at it. Talk about a DUH moment!!


Think I did not get enough sleep last night from staying up until 1am watching DVR’ed Criminal Minds!! It’s become like crack to me, crack TV all the way. Shemar Moore is just so fiiiiine!!

eye candy...

OMG, think I need to get my pedaling done for the day…off to a late late start!! Tis all good!

Baby Steps ya know.

Blessings and Hope!

4 thoughts on “Out of sync…

  1. I am good at getting my days confused…lol

    And he Is definitly eye candy! YUm! I might have to buy the series on dvd to start watching it. 😀


  2. He is a hottie, I love them all…well Rossi not so much…see ya tomorrow at 1pm texas time, make sure you call me before…or email me or something…hopefully things don’t get too crazy here….


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