So, I purchased the Snore-EX from Amazon hoping that it would stop my hubby doing the buzz-saw at night. And oh mercy it has!! Now I’m not saying it will work for your ‘snorer’, but for mine it did. No longer will he have to sleep in sofa city, or with one eye open. [in case the skillet ends up in my hand]

My Savior

The first night it fell out, and he snored. He woke up, got it back in and no more snoring. He molded it to fit him, and wallah, SUCCESS!! He had slight jaw pain last night, but nothing bad he said. He also said he felt more refreshed in the morning from not snoring. So, for us both, it is a win-win situation.

For the price, it was a gr8 deal!

I’m doing the happy dance here!

woo hoo

Blessings and Hope!

16 thoughts on “Snore-EX

  1. HA! Do you have a king size? When we upgraded to ours about 5 years ago, it made soooo much difference, especially since Michael and I are tall people like you…long arms, long legs. Usually, with me being menopausal, I just need to make sure we’re at least touching toes.


  2. Tracy,

    How exactly does it work? Does it help to keep the mouth closed so they aren’t breathing through their mouth?

    My hubby is going in Feb to have his teeth pulled and dentures made.

    I’m sure his mouth is going to hang open, more than it does now, there will likely be more drool and louder snoring…. LOL

    I’m thinking that I’m going to have to get him some sort of a sling for his jaw that I can use to tie it shut…. LOL

    Oh, that sounded really cruel… but it wasn’t meant to be.

    I’m sure as a fellow spouse tortured by snoring, you understand. 🙂

    Hugs oxox


    1. I really have no clue how it works. Something about aligning the jaw properly or something.

      They do have slings like that. lol

      I completely understand wanting to put a pillow over their head even!! rofl
      hugz, xoxo


  3. Everyone in my family including my husband snores. Phil says he doesn’t mind my snoring because he knows I’m still alive. 🙂


  4. Perhaps it’s just me but although I’ve molded the mouthpiece for a snug fit, 2 things happen:

    1) My relaxed jaw now puts quite a bit of pressure on my front two teeth pulling them back. In my opinion, enough pressure that in a short while it could change the position of my teeth (same principal as braces). True, it warns not to use if your teeth or not healthy but people with braces have healthy teeth usually :).

    2) When I allow my jaw muscles to really relax as though I probably would when in a deep sleep, my bottom teeth simply slip out of the mouthpiece. I suppose I could wrap some type of sling around my head to hold up my chin?

    I’m open to suggestions. I’ve not really been a snore’r but I’ve gained weight quickly because of a thyroid issue and the doc thinks the snoring is related. He said it might take a couple of months to get my thyroid regulated and my weight down to pre-snore stage. Help?


  5. Hi Tracy,

    Thanks for the awesome review on Snore Ex.

    We were wondering if you could write a review on our website Stop Snoring Reviews in Regards to Snore-Ex?

    We are trying to find real reviews from people who actually have used and tried this product.

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  6. Do make sure that anyone who snores is tested for apnea, which is extremely dangerous. Please do that even if the snore-ex works, because it might just hide apnea—I don’t know, but please make sure. Trust me, I’ve had apnea for a very long time, and I’m being successfully treated for it: making sure is vital, and it involves only a one-night in-lab observation. It can be treated very well with a CPAP machine that assures normal air flow, which apnea blocks. Please do it!


  7. Hi there… I ran across this page after searching for reviews on the Snore-Ex mouthpiece. I have not found what appear to be REAL reviews other than this site.

    Is this product still working for your partner?


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