Today is the day!!

Now that Jessica has been found, safe, I can breathe again.

Today I go see my neuro. Hubz company changed prescription cos. and medical coverage…yet again. So have to get new scrips and a check-up for my MS. I so hate going to the doctor. YUCK! lol

Then…my iBot goes away today. Chuck, the iBot rep, is coming to day with my money (show me the money!! lol) and to pick up the chair. I am quite sad about this as the chair is awesome!! But, for that kind of money, it is not worth the chance of it breaking down and no one to fix it. So, buh bye iBot.

My new chair will be here in a week or so. I wanted it special order items on it. High back black seat baby!! lol It does not do all the things the iBot can do, but it is cool looking.

Well, time to get ready for my day. Remember, hug your kids tightly and tell them you love them every day.

Blessings to all…

3 thoughts on “Today is the day!!

  1. I am so happy she is safe, I know that has just made your day! You deserve all the best news, always!

    It is just one more reminder prayer works, but I’ll keep her in mine until all this is sorted out!

    much love girl!


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