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The Ampyra Arrived!!

The Ampyra came this afternoon. I decided to start on Saturday when the hubby and adults are around just to be sure I do ok on it. Since they stressed to me that seizures can happen on this we are having a ‘what to do if mommy starts a shaking’ talk with the kids. 😉 I am making a small flier:

In case of seizure: Turn mommies head to the side, call 911, don’t panic mom will be ok. Tell the ambulance driver to take mommy to the new hospital or Lancaster Community. DO NOT take to Antelope Valley Hospital. This is the most important point!! 😛

Click for larger view

It will be printed out, laminated, and on my door!! lol I’ve never had a seizure in my life and do not plan on having one now, but it is good to prepared and prepare the kids.I’m also going to take the Ampyra at 7 and 7 as someone on it already said it may give me a burst of energy. Sleeping is hard enough at times, so I do not need something else to interfere with it.

Another reason why starting on Saturday is today was a not so good day. I only got 5 hours of sleep last night and was a bit dizzy. Then the migraine hit around 3 pm and I crawled under my covers and tried to sleep. When Roger got home we got me into the kids shower and the warm water helped some. Now I am waiting for my regular meds to start working and hopefully get some better sleep tonight.

I’ll be back…be afraid! lol

Blessings and Hope!