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My Artist, My Son

My son has drawn since he was a lil’ tyke. His teachers would always say, “You know right away which pictures are Austin’s, due to the talent of the drawing”. 😀

We purchased him a ‘How to draw Dragons’ art book 2 years ago and here are some of my favs.

The Hatchling
The Fae

This is his newest for school. They had to pick a character and draw it. My son has skills!!

School Project 2010

All of these are drawn with pencil and on 16×20 drawing paper. Not traced in any way. I’m very proud of him!

xx, Tracy...

20 thoughts on “My Artist, My Son

  1. He has mad skills!!!! Awesome work and I can see why you’re proud. I hope he takes it and runs with it. He could go places in the art world! xoxo

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  2. Love what he can do! I got no skillz for this sort of art, but I sure enjoy those who do!

    Does he have plans for pursuing his art professionally?

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  3. I love seeing Austin’s work, reminds me of Bert and Andrew’s, same style. I encourage my boys to keep doing it, Bert is persuing the arts, and I’m such a bad mommy I was supposed to scan him some of his work he had started a storyboard…I’ll scan and share later. But tell Austin he is one talented young man. Keep encouraging him…not that you need a reminder, you are an awesome mommy and I’m sure you praise him plenty.

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  4. Incredible! I hope he pursues it as a career! That is likely my biggest regret in life, not going to Art School when I had the opportunity presented to me. GREAT job!!

    Thanks for sharing!

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