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More over, why do people feel the need to ruin other peoples friendships? Someone who was gone for a while then pops back in and trouble seems to start. During the time they were gone, there was no drama. Now all of a sudden DRAMA is back.

I tend to know why, because they want certain people as their friends and no one else’s. Well, sadly it worked. They manipulated someone close to me enough so that somehow they got the person to believe their BS. They look for those who are in a confused place and strike. I actually feel bad for them as well, must be a sad place they are in and a sad way to live.

What sucks, is the person who now has blocked me from her life was someone I adored. Someone I felt was a part of my family. I think it hurts the most because she did not call me and talk to me, just deleted me out of her life after almost 11 years of friendship for someone who just popped back in. I have had friends come and go. But, this one hurts.

She knows who she is, and she knows I will always be here for her. I truly hope she reads this, I truly hope she looks inside herself and realizes the truth. You can call me anytime, I am here.

I am sorry I allowed the toxic one back in my life. I really thought she might have grown up. I was wrong.

As with all…

Blessings and Hope!