In Dreams

This lil tab will be where I add my ‘dreams’ to. I’m no ‘writer’ but I have some eerie dreams! lol

Blessings and Hope!


As she awakens she feels pain, her arms sensitive to the touch. She looks down and sees small blood ’spots’ from all the IV’s that did not work. Please no more. They laugh at her from the end of her bed. Their laughter is deafening and she wants to escape. Her wheelchair is no where to be seen. She drops to the floor and tries to crawl away from them. She feels hands all over her body, pinching, blood, laughter. Their faces are hidden by shadows, she closes her eyes so not to see. Wake up she tells herself, wake up, it’s just a dream, they cannot hurt you anymore. But like monsters under your bed, they will never leave. She opens her eyes, they are gone, she falls into the darkness…

© March 5, 2010


Due to my Hellish Hospital stay, I think this dream says it all. I have been having it more than I would like to.

She slowly wheels her chair down the corridor, doors pass, she can hear the laughter, she follows the sound. It is getting louder, the laughter, the muffled voices, she is getting closer, she is at the door. People in scrubs all around, faces lost, standing around the bed, someone is in the bed. She is crying through the sounds of laughter. Her face is cloudy, her face is coming clear. She is no longer in the wheelchair, she is in the bed, crying. Please someone help me…

© February 6, 2010


She is falling, her dress flies all around her, she sees no end, not stopping, no slowing down. Visions pass by her eyes as if she is seeing her life all around her. Pictures in her mind of days long ago. Smiles, laughter, anguish, fear, so many feelings. Faces she remembers, faces that have no meaning. Are they of people to come or of those from a past time? Falling still, has time stopped or just slowed down to let her see. She reaches out to certain pictures, places she wants time to stop and bring her back. The dress tickles at her face as it flows around her. She cannot help but laugh.

Faster, faster she falls. It is much to dark here. Fear hits, she can feel the blood flowing through her veins. No more laughter, she wants to stop falling. She cries out, no one hears, no one is there. The faces she sees flying by her are no longer smiling. They’re distorted, angry, scared. She closes her eyes, no longer wanting to see. Two words go over and over in her mind… ‘Save me!’

© 01/16/2010


The darkness falling, silence, floating, light. She looks down, the dress, black lace over a blood red shell, she’s beautiful. Pale skin, jet hair, crimson nails, still floating. People, statuesque, glowing eyes. Trees, going on to nowhere. Fire, dancing. A chill runs slowly down her spine. Where is she, who is she, why is she here? She wants to run, run away, no stay. Screams in the distance, laughter, pain. Blood. What does this all mean? She closes her eyes, nightmare. The hands on the clock spin in circles faster and faster. Eyes open. A familiar picture, her bed, blood red sheets and golden blankets cover her freezing body. A dream, only a dream. A sigh, a smile. Her hands…crimson nails, pale skin. Shudders, afraid to move. Gently pulling, pulling the safety of her covers back. She rises. Looks down. The dress, black lace over a blood red shell…

© 01/10/2010


She was in a daze, looking around, everyone she knew was there, parents, children, friends, in a large chair, people touching her face, fixing her hair, makeup, this is a gift to you they say. People she did not know, brushing, coloring, cutting her hair. Don’t touch my hands, I just did my nails. No, stop, do not touch my feet, they hurt. Darkness.

Her eyes open slowly, she sits up and sees the mirror. She looks into the mirror not sure how she got across the room. She is crippled, yet she is young and beautiful again. Thin. A wig? A long curly wig sits atop her head. Take it off. Her hair is red again, and long. But they were cutting it. Extensions? She shes her young body in the mirror, thin, sexy, she wants to hide.

The people come in the room. ‘Ah, you are awake now!’ She glides across the floor to them, looking down at her feet skimming atop the wooden floor. How did I get up here? Who put me in these clothes? Laughter fills the room, whispers. Come out and see all who love you.

People are everywhere. Where is my husband? In the fields. The fields? Kittens everywhere… not to worry I know who to call to save them all. Blink…

Back in the room, alone. She looks in the chipped black framed mirror and smiles. Awaken!

© 01/08/2010


“The room was suffocating, people everywhere, must get out, where is the door, the red door. She darts to the door, she flees through the red door. She turns to a blank wall, the door is gone, she is pulled into the darkness.”

© 12/24/2009


“She runs through the woods, something is following her. Is something following her? She cannot stop running, running to nowhere. Is she running? She falls and everything turns to fog. Her eyes open, she sees familiar faces, she’s home.”

© 12/27/2009


Smiling faces, tearful eyes, angry frowns, a wheelchair sits in the distance, she reaches for it, she cannot grasp it, she tries to stand and the floor comes up to meet her. Laughing, whispering, soft childlike giggles, all eyes on her. She cannot move, she bows her head in tears.”

© 01/05/2010