In the Valley of Teenagers…

It’s official, our house has now been taken over by teenagers. 

The girls turned 13 yesterday and Austin is 15…

Our lives are now over as we knew them. Makeup, boys, girls, dating, driving… should we just pull our hair out now or wait for it to fall out. I thought it was supposed to get easier as they get older. WRONG!!! 

Now we have to worry about the boyfriends…hmmmmm they better be afraid, very afraid. Not of the daddy, but of the mommy! HA! We do not worry to much about the boy as he is respectful of girls. My worry is how the ‘girls’ will treat him. They had better be nice! lol

I am still wondering where the time has gone. The past 13 years went by in a flash. It seems like yesterday they were reaching up asking to be picked up. Now the are reaching out asking for money! lol 

A new phase has started, a new beginning. Isn’t that what life is about?

You can learn many things from children.  How much patience you have, for instance.  ~Franklin P. Jones

A Couple of knitting fools……

There are a couple of amazing blogs everyone should see.
Do you knit? Do you like knitted items?
Then these are the blogs for you.

First up is Susie. She is an amazing knitting fool! lol 
She made the most adorable fingerless hand warmers for my dd’s and me. I am truly in awe of her talent.

Next is Beverly. I was her first interview for handmade news and she did a fabulous job. She also knits and I have my eye on a cute lil purse in her etsy shop.

So, do yourself a favor and drop by their blogs.
You will be glad you did.

A good friend is cheaper than therapy.  ~Author Unknown

I officially feel old!!

I had to order compression socks today. I am having bad leg swelling due to the fact I sit for so long. I got two pair of knee highs and one pair of thigh highs. oooo lala lol

I am hoping this works as when they start to swell it can be painful. It feels like my legs are going to explode. My neuro checked for blood clots and there were none. So, hopefully, this will work for me. Kind of sucks though as I am more of a barefoot kind of girl! lol

I’ll let ya know how they work out for anyone needing this as well.
And and update on my interview:


This is Beverly’s blog, my interviewer. She is an awesome knitter. You should check out her etsy store. She also added a lil diddy ’bout my interview in her blog. So far I am the number one interview. woo hoo She is an awesome interviewer. Also check out handmade news to read more of her interviews.


Light at the end of the tunnel?

Still looking for it…crawling to it…reaching for it. Is it really there? I always tell my friends when they come to me looking for hope it is there. 99% of the time they come back and tell me they found it. So, where is it for me?

After the MS walk I was sunburned, tired, and felt better than I had in a long time. I had almost ten whole days of feeling good. Guess that is all I am allowed at any given time. For the past 5 days my legs do not want to function, my head feels as if there is a fog inside and when I turn my head it feels like I might pass out. My hands are numb and I am crying at everything.

I should probably just be used to it, this is my MS. This is what happens to me. So deal with it right? hmmmmmmmm not so much. Why should i deal with it, why should i accept it?

My son is sick and my dd is coming down with something. I cannot get them to the doctor so hubby will have to take time off work and do the job i am supposed to do. Driving is not ‘good’ for me when I am down. So, what to do???

I’ll tell you what to do. Go with what my body is telling me and rest. I do not want to let my doctor know as he will have me in the hospital and that is not an option for me. So, I will rest and hope for that light. I will rest and hope for a better day. I will hope the day sometime soon where I can make some new things for my shop. Numb hands and jewelry design do not mix!! lol This is where the depression lies. I cannot be the mom I want to be or create my jewelry.

So, I will keep an eye on the horizon and look for that light…I will find it!

When the world says give up, hope whispers try it one more time!


Respect the NO!! please

In a world with ‘get thin quick’ pills, supplements, herbal this and that…Respect the NO!! If your item works for you GREAT! But, if I say I am not interested…I am not interested!! Stop and move on please!

I know what works for me, just as you know what works for you. We are human beings and we need food, real food. We do not need sugar substitutes and drinks and all the odd supplements. We do not need fat free, sugar free…might as well call em health free. Really, think about it, processed foods in your body…how do they process them? hmmmm

I take the vitamins I need for my body and eat the foods that are right for me. I know my MS and frankly some of the ‘miracle’ things out there are toxic to my MS. I do not need an immune booster, that is my already my problem. You cannot cure my MS, as there is NO cure. I have an auto immune deficiency, some of the ‘miracle’ things can hurt this. I do not eat soy, gluten, or certain beans and nuts. They are BAD for me. Milk is not my friend either.

I try to be nice, but some selling these products can make me crazy. Please, do what is right for you, but do not tell me what is right for me, as you will be wrong!!

My hubby has researched for 2 years now on the ways to help me and my MS. I lost 20 pounds my way and felt awesome!! I ate real foods with real fats and real sugars and light exercise. Minus the gluten! So, it worked and is working for me. I am so very happy your way works for you. Now plz, end it!!

Life is not about diets…it is about a healthy ‘diet’! There is a difference.

Remember, many of these ‘miracles’ are dangerous for people with certain disorders. Be very careful when you push your wares.

Realize too, these drinks, pills, etc are made and processed into what you take. Really, how natural is it? I’m just sayin’…

I feel about airplanes the way I feel about diets. It seems to me that they are wonderful things for other people to go on. ~Jean Kerr, “Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall,” The Snake Has All the Lines, 1958


Nada much

Well the weekend is almost over. It was quite uneventful. Got more things added to my shop, http://afabulousflair.artfire.com . We got the grocery shopping all done and some things shipped out.

Sometimes I wonder why we even blog. My life is not very exciting…some blogs I see are not all that exciting either. lol So, why do we blog?

I tend to blog when bored, angry, or upset. It is my way of getting it out so as not to internalize it. Does it bore people? Most likely yes. lol Which is why it is good that we have the choice to read it or not.

At one time I worried what everyone else thought about me. Was I pretty enough? Was I thin enough? Was I the kind of person people would like?

I realized in my mid 20’s, it did not matter what anyone thought of me, but only what I thought of myself. So, now, I do not really care what people think of my blogs or anything else about me. I am who I am and am very open about that.

Sometimes I read other blogs and wonder if some of these people are for real. This is the Internet and it easy to be someone who you are not. I have come across a few of those in my 12 + years on the net. So, what do we believe and who should we believe? Does it really matter? The majority of those people you will never meet in real life. So if not being who they are, without hurting another, is what gets them through the day then does it matter?

I am not able to live a fictitious life. So for me what you ‘read’ is what you get. lol If you like it great, if not it’s all good.

So here we are…uneventful weekend, uneventful blog.
Stayed tuned as we never know what tomorrow will bring!

I had the blues because I had no shoes until upon the street, I met a man who had no feet. ~Ancient Persian Saying


Knocking Wood!!!

I have been feeling pretty good since the walk/roll. lol I get nervous saying it though as ‘PoOf‘ it may go away! I figured since the sunburn and the whole day at the walk I would be totally zonked and feeling tired etc. It was a lot for me, yet it seems to have been a good thing. I’m thinking my body NEEDED the sun. I do not ‘do’ the sun much anymore, and miss it so. The only issue I have been having is leg swelling, which gets to hurting. I know it is from sitting for so long in one position while making my jewelry and things. So, basically I can live with it, as it means I am creating again.

I added some new supplies to my shop here: http://mztracyr.etsy.com I tend to over-buy and since I do not like to make more than one of most things, I get over stock.

I got some new things added to my shop as well: http://afabulousflair.artfire.com I am very proud of my new things. It can be hard to make certain things for me. Where it may take someone an hour to make something, it will take me two. I drop things all the time, my hands shake, etc. But I will keep at it until it is finished. So, when you buy from me, you know it has been made with complete love and care. I am also anal…lol!! I keep hand sanitizer next to me and use it after each piece is made. Then once the piece is done, I wear surgical gloves to polish and clean it and take the pics of the item then place it in it’s organza bag. My gloves are cool, they are blue!! lol

The only items that will be alike are a few of the awareness items. When it comes to jewelry, charms etc, I think it is cool knowing you truly do have a one-of-a-kind. I may use the same beads for things, but never the same design. So it is highly unlikely you will ever meet someone wearing the same thing! lol

So now I am off to create some more new things while I am feeling well. I never know from day to day how I will feel, so I am going to seize the good days!!

Blessings to all!!

A positive attitude may not solve all your problems, but it will annoy enough people to make it worth the effort. ~Herm Albright, quoted in Reader’s Digest, June 1995