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My Trip, err I’m a trip? I do trip…

Before we left I called the Courtyard Marriot to make sure my roll in shower with bench room was still reserved for me. I was told yes. Well woo hoo… maybe not. Ten minutes later the hotel’s manager called and said their room was a roll in but had no bench. :-O But… the Residence Inn Marriott had one and would be reserved for me. Well cool beans..

We hit the road for Carlsbad late and finally got to the hotel around 10:30 pm. Check in was nice and easy, the rest… not so much. The first place I looked when we got in the room was the bathroom. Yup, roll in shower, Nope no bench and no places to put shower essentials. Ya know a shelf! Roger went to get some ice from the refrigerator and it seemed clogged. When he opened the ice maker there were two Smirnoff Ice drinks, one broken from freezing. He had to take out the ice maker and empty it to make sure no glass was in the tray/box. NICE! Then in one of the fridge drawers the previous customers also left more drinks. Does no one clean the fridge? By now I’m a wee bit irritated. I ring down to the front desk and ask about the shower. They tell me they have a portable folding shower bench they will bring to me. Really, I could bring my own. The attached benches are much more sturdy and safer. I politely declined their offer. WTF!! You would think if you ask for a roll in shower with bench and they say they have one, that’s what you would/should get. The worst part for me, is when these things happen it’s so in my face that I’m crippled in a wheel-chariot! Guess if your crippled, hotel stays are not for you…

BUT, as always, Hell hotel would not ruin my trip.

The next day we headed out to my uncle’s dentist’s office. I was prepared for bad news per the dentist from my area. Guess what, not nearly as bad as the ‘liar’ said. I had a bit of decay [2 small cavity areas] which Greg filled. Then one, not two root canals were needed. We made the appt. for the nest day. Greg also filed down my two top front teeth as they always jetted out a bit on the bottom. Took two minutes and now my front teeth look so cool! Next I had the best teeth cleaning ever. We headed back to the parents house and my sister Laura and her new adorable puppy [Finley] came over. It was a nice night with great food!

The next morning we got up and Roger washed my hair in the sink and I did a hooker bath. Fun… We then took off to the Endodontist’s office for my root canal. As root canals go, it was fabulous. Not a smidge of pain and fabulous people there. It was great. Then the parents took us to lunch…I had soup. lol Next was the moment I’ve been waiting for for 3 weeks; off to see my nephew Max!! YIPPEE.

Baby Max

This made up for the crappy hotel that we will never occupy again.

Max is just a love and the cutest baby ever. Instant love!! My brother Ed and his beautiful wife Kelly did a good job! If fairy tales are true this family IS The Fairy Tale!

All in all the trip was fabulous. Yes the hotel sucked, but I always make it through. The good, however, outweighed the bad; my teeth rock now and I got to hold my and meet my Nephew Max.

Have a fabulous Sunday peeps!

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The Ampyra Arrived!!

The Ampyra came this afternoon. I decided to start on Saturday when the hubby and adults are around just to be sure I do ok on it. Since they stressed to me that seizures can happen on this we are having a ‘what to do if mommy starts a shaking’ talk with the kids. 😉 I am making a small flier:

In case of seizure: Turn mommies head to the side, call 911, don’t panic mom will be ok. Tell the ambulance driver to take mommy to the new hospital or Lancaster Community. DO NOT take to Antelope Valley Hospital. This is the most important point!! 😛

Click for larger view

It will be printed out, laminated, and on my door!! lol I’ve never had a seizure in my life and do not plan on having one now, but it is good to prepared and prepare the kids.I’m also going to take the Ampyra at 7 and 7 as someone on it already said it may give me a burst of energy. Sleeping is hard enough at times, so I do not need something else to interfere with it.

Another reason why starting on Saturday is today was a not so good day. I only got 5 hours of sleep last night and was a bit dizzy. Then the migraine hit around 3 pm and I crawled under my covers and tried to sleep. When Roger got home we got me into the kids shower and the warm water helped some. Now I am waiting for my regular meds to start working and hopefully get some better sleep tonight.

I’ll be back…be afraid! lol

Blessings and Hope!

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One Bathroom does not a happy mom make…

Here is where we are at:

tile baby!

It’s a bit slow going but in the end it will be worth all the stress. I hope! lol The guys doing this for me work in 100+ degree weather and are beat after a 10 hour day, so coming by after work is not happening. And to top it off, they got their tools stolen at their job site! What fucking loser steals another person’s tools? I hope they catch the prick…I wanna watch!! lol

Thankfully for us we have another full bathroom.

The problem is me! Shaddup! lol Getting in to the other bathroom is a chore for me. My chair only goes in so far and then it is hang on and shuffle in. The bathtub/shower unit barely fits my shower chair, so I have to sit sideways. Getting my leg up and over the bathtub is comical in itself! Getting out, well I’m glad I’m still limber! All I’m sayin’! 😛

I must be spoiled as well, as I do not know how anyone can have 5 people in a household and share 1 bathroom. It’s making me crazy!! Seriously, how do people do it? Growing up we always had at least 2.5 bathrooms in our home…sometimes more. OK, I was/am spoiled. What can I say… I need my bathroom!! 😦

Hey, I know it’ll happen and the guys are doing the labor for free, so I’m content with it all. [on the outside] 😉 Thank God for medication!!

Speaking of medication… still waiting on the Ampyra. Fucking insurance, as usual, does not want to pay for it. Bet if one of their loved ones needed it, they’d cover it. ASSHOLES!! I will get it, just hoping by the time I do it might still be able to help me…

Ah, this is life!

Blessings and Hope!

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Bathroom Day 1 complete

Wow, Tom rocks!!! My bathroom went from this:

out with the old

To this:

Time for tile!

We are shooting for a Saturday finish. Keith, the tile guy, came by to make sure all was going well. Then we were informed ho would not be charging for labor either. It took all I had not to cry. I was so overwhelmed by their generosity. After they left, the tears fell. I looked at Rog and asked why, why would anyone do this for me? Why do I deserve this? These things do not happen to me. He just smiled and said if anyone deserves it, that it is me. Yup, you guessed it…I cried more!! lol These are truly Angels in disguise here on Earth.

Lots of Angels came forward for this. The fab 4o ladies with their donations totaling 1100.00, Universal and their donations of 1500.00, and now these amazing men and their donations of their time and labor! I am still in awe of all these amazing people. There are no words that can express my emotions and my feelings for everyone involved. All that comes out is WOW!!

Blessings and Hope!!

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The Bathroom saga – It’s starting!!!

It’s finally happening!!!!

woo hoo

Bobbi, the woman at my hubbies work who is the MS walk go-to girl for my team has a fab fiance, Tom. He is a contractor and does construction for movies etc.

He came out and measured and said he will get me my bathroom!! woot woot

To add to how amazing he and Bobbi are, he is not charging me any labor. Rog and I will go get all the materials for the job and he and Rog will gut the bathroom. Tom is then going to prep the bathroom for the tile.

Then, one of his guys who does tile will be coming out and adding the handicapped bars, shelves, built in fold up shower chair, etc and putting in the tile. We will pay labor for him. Which is all good.

I’m defiantly going to get or do something nice for Tom and Bobbi for the free labor. That is an amazing gift to me.

I am so excited. I’ve been for so long for this and now it is happening!!

Thanks so much to the fabulously 40 ladies and Universal for your help in making this dream a reality!!

Here is my bathroom now:

out with the old

Blessings and Hope!!

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In with a bang, out with a whimper…

This the story of my shower from

The Refresh $14,995
The Inspire $11,995

Yes, that is the prices of these fabulous showers. So, this is probably why they do not give you any kind of estimate over the phone. Most people would probably hang up, and quickly. Now, this does include any unforseeable issues like bad green-board and clean-up etc. But, what if there are no unforeseeable issues? Same price? Guess so. But wait, you can finance. So, let’s pay triple the amount for a shower. Woot woot. Shit no, sorry. It’s a  shower for fuck’s sake and not even gold lined. Now maybe if it came with a hot towel boy…

So, my question, how the hell do people, crippled people and the elderly pay for these ‘high end’ showers. They most likely get ripped off and have to finance. Not many people have this kind of cash to just hand over.

Oh, but wait! If we ordered and signed within that day, 1,000.00 would be taken off. Well holy shit and slap my ass, then let’s do it!! NOT!!

So, needless to say, I was bummed. I cried for a bit, then got pissed at the highway robbery going on here. At 5pm, I took a Xanaflex and went to bed.

Now on to plan B. If that does not work then plan C, D, E etc. Whatever it takes.

We are going to go to Lowe’s and check out the shower enclosures. If we can find one without a seat or built in shelving in the back, we can get one like that. Then I found an awesome fold up teak handicapped shower chair that we can have installed along with some bars to help me in and out of the shower. Then get a new dual shower head with bar for the hand-held shower head that can slide up and down. It will not be as high tech, etc as the Premier Showers, but it will be just as good at a fraction of the cost.

So, my shower story continues. It will happen, just may take a bit longer than I want.

Life is good!

Blessings and Hope!