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Furbaby Love

I just thought I would share a little bit of what makes me smile every day. My children with paws 🐾

Clockwise from top left: Soloh, Charlie (girl), Gatsby, Zoe (kitty),  and Dexter Morgan.


Soloh. She never leaves my side. She actually saved my life. 🧡Pittie-mix the best dog you could ever love.

All rescues, as in my mind, rescue IS the only breed!

This handsome bearded dragon was Stewie.  He is and will always be the only bearded dragon I will ever love. 😉 He was awesome!

Animals are forever! They love you unconditionally and they should always be treated like family. I am against breeding as I believe until they all have a home it should be stopped. There really is no need for designer dogs. So please, adopt, Don’t shop! I know breeding will never stop completely but until we can clear out the shelters and stop the murder of so many healthy beautiful animals we need to rethink breeding for the time being.  And, FYI, you can find many purebreds in the shelters and breed-specific rescue’s. So there really is no reason to go to a breeder.  I will now step down off my soapbox. 😂🤣


As always, have courage and be kind!


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Any person who abandons a senior animal (or any animal) at a shelter has lost all their humanity. These people should not be allowed to ever have another animal. It is a privilege to have a pet in your home, they are not property, they are family. People who do not feel this way, should not have any pets.

Remember, adopt don’t shop!

Blessings to all the animals unwanted, abused, and thrown away! You all deserve(d) so much better.

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Feeling a bit nutty…

I know, what’s new right? I’m needing a change, so first thing I did was pretty up my blog here with a new design. Love how WordPress has so many cool options.

Not sure if I shared that I am yet again a foster fail! I suck at it. My worry is, what if the people who adopt him are not good. What if they don’t like the fact that he likes to sleep under the covers or between their legs? I actually had NO choice this time as my hubby fell in love with him. Hmmm, so this time it was Rog who was the foster fail!! HA!! 😛

Sleepy Boy Gatsby
Sleepy Boy Gatsby


Yesterday we finally broke down and got new tires my on crip-mobile. They were getting bad, but when you have no dinero what can you do. Thankfully, Sears has that deferred pmt plan so we have 12 mos to pay it off with no interest. We’re heading out of town soon and there was no way I would let us drive that distance on ‘iffy’ tires. Especially not with my kids in the car.


I’m trying really hard right now to focus on other things and fight off the depression. It’s a long hard battle. I usually come out on top, but this time seems different. I can’t quite put my finger on it. Normally I ‘joke’ my way out of it, but nothing seems funny right now. I know it will pass eventually… at least I hope it will!

Peace Out peeps! xo

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ATTN: Animal Rescuers! Need Help!!

UPDATE: Sadly this sweet girl was euthanized yesterday… I’m so sorry sweet girl, run free at the bridge…
She was 4 years old and someone’s pet. No one came for her or rescued her.
It’s time to be the solution people: SPAY and NEUTER your furbabies.
There is NEVER a reason to dump any animal at a kill shelter. There are NO KILL rescues in every city, every state, every Country. An animal is not disposable. If you have problems with money, find a family member, friend, rescue. If you can’t handle the responsibility of a pet, then DO NOT have one.
WAKE UP!! Become the solution, don’t be the problem!
Become a foster fur-parent. SAVE A LIFE!!
Volunteer at your local shelter, bring food, blankets, bowls, anything to help.
Visit the animals in the shelter, show them some love, some have never felt love!
This precious soul DID NOT have to die!
RIP my sweet, you WERE loved!
As you know, I don’t normally share dogs here, why I have my animal page… But I need help with this lil girl!
Please share her, she’s on borrowed time!!
Click pic for details!
TY, xx Tracy

Impound Number: A4505348Impound Date: 10/29/2012
Sex: Female
Primary Breed: PIT BULL
Age: 4 Years and 0 Months
Location: Lancaster, CA
Cage No.: L203