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Oh the pain… the pain!

I had my FaceTime neurologist appointment and PT yesterday. Both went well. But… I am paying for the PT today. 😳

I so hope this is true for me. We actually got my right leg into a 90° angle. That was crazy. My left side, not so much. Today Roger (hubby) rolled blankets to keep my knees and legs a little more normal. It hurts quite a bit, but no pain no gain! Thank the universe for cannabis. 😏

Stretching everything is going to be a painful process, but the outcome will be phenomenal! Now here is the shitty part… No more visits per Independence Blue Cross. 🙄 I have to call Monday and get the pain management doctor to call in more visits. WTF!!! My concern is all the work we have accomplished last week will fade away waiting for Insurance to allow me more visits. I really don’t understand how they have the right to run my healthcare. It’s mind boggling. The worst part is that it will start all over. What that means is, I will have to have an admission visit again, then an evaluation visit again, and then the PT visits start. What a fucking racket. All the while people like me are screwed. I just keep telling myself to keep breathing. This will work out, we will find a way. Sadly this just proves to me why people do give up. We have to jump through so many hoops, it weakens our soul.

^^^ I say this, I just wish I could truly believe it.

Have courage and be kind. 

8 thoughts on “Oh the pain… the pain!

  1. I would try to talk to your physical therapist. My PT is not even close to yours’ , but I’ve done enough of it. And each time they only do an evaluation visit in the beginning of the treatment. Then when I am one before my last approved visit, they do a new evaluation (it only takes a small portion of the visit), and they submit a request for an extension. Also, there were several times when I did cash pay when I was not approved for anymore. I do not know your situation, but ALL doctors, including PT, price their services at least twice cheaper when you do cash pay. Something to consider.

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    1. This weekend we actually set up an appointment for tonight where we will pay cash. We can’t really afford it, but we will make it work. I don’t want to lose what I’ve gotten already. 🖤

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