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Suicide – It’s Time We Talk (part 3)

Periodically, I will keep discussing suicide. We need to let people know that it’s OK to talk about. We need to let people know they can contact us if they need help. I’m hanging on to life with both hands try not to fall off. It’s scary and my time is all screwed up right now. I keep thinking it was a week ago Wednesday when in reality it was just last week. I’m also having some wickedly violent dreams. I will be discussing something to help me sleep with my neurologist on our call tomorrow. I did get 6 1/2 hours of good sleep last night and then fell back to sleep for three hours. For me that is some pretty good sleep.

I recognize the high I am on right now. I went through this high in 2018 when I called for help and they got me into rehab. The problem was I didn’t recognize the low that slowly crept in. I will be researching some online and over the phone mental health clinics. I am going to pace myself so I do not burn out. I know this won’t be an easy road, but it’s one I have to stay on.

This is my suicide aftermath. Things are all catty wonky right now. I guess that’s to be expected.

Have courage and be kind.

4 thoughts on “Suicide – It’s Time We Talk (part 3)

  1. After reading through everything, it occurred to me that you had not been given proper information, a counselor’s name/names and even phone numbers when you hit a very low period very early on..this boggles my mind and makes my heart break for you. Fingers and toes crossed this will be the turning point and little by little good outcomes will come to be…always here my friend! ♥️♥️

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