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Suicide – It’s Time We Talk!

The dreaded “S” word. Weak, selfish, going to hell for eternal damnation… just some of the things you ‘hear’ when the word suicide comes up. None of those things are true when we talk about suicide. And we need to talk about it. A person who commits suicide is no more weak than you or I. A person who commits suicide is no more selfish than you or I. As for going to hell for eternal damnation, well, if you believe that I feel very sorry for you.

There are two things I know about writing this blog. First is that I am not a writer. I was a Business Major, no English for me. Well you know what I mean. The second thing is that I’m afraid. I am afraid of what people may think of me. But I’m also empowered, and that’s what I’m feeling by writing this blog. The people who try to or do commit suicide are in the depths of despair. They are drowning in the abyss of whatever pain has brought to their life. They feel a burden to all those they love around them and they want to try and make it better for them. In their minds they believe that by not being there that their loved ones will be inevitably happier. And yes, they want to stop their endless pain, whatever that may be. I am sure there are some reading this thinking, “What does she know about it, how can she make these statements.”  Well you see, on Mother’s Day, I tried committing suicide. And if I’m being completely honest, this wasn’t my first rodeo. So yes, it’s time we talk.

The total despair started on Friday. I’m not sure where it came from I just felt so lost and so much of a burden to my family. So I overmedicated a little bit on Friday then a little more on Saturday and on Sunday well… Monday is completely lost to me. Tuesday the vomiting started. I wasn’t sure what was happening. You see I don’t remember much of what I did I just remember looking over at my medication and realizing that 2/3 of the bottle was gone. there were over 120 pills in that bottle. So then I started piecing together what happened. The moment my daughter came in the room to comfort me as I was vomiting, was my literal wake up call. I was mortified. Then I realized it was my husband and my 27th wedding anniversary on the 8th, that I had completely forgotten about. WTF!! 

To my family it was a normal weekend with mom basically sleeping. So they had no idea what was happening. Back at the moment my daughter came in the room I realized it was time to talk. I told my husband what I thought was happening to me and that I needed help. I called my mom and told her what was going on. To my complete surprise I had called her and told her I was going to do something. She had immediately called my husband and he checked on me but he had no idea about my medication. And because sleep is my only freedom my family doesn’t try and wake me up when I am sleeping. I’m pretty sure that will change now. 😊  I guess I told her that I was writing letters to my family. And again, to my complete surprise, there were some notes on my phone. I will fast forward a little bit to Wednesday at around 5 PM. After 🤮 for two days straight and not sleeping I knew it was time to go to the hospital and get some real help. Help to stop vomiting and some mental health care help. So I made the call to 911 and went on my way to Antelope Valley Hospital.

Now here’s where the story gets, well I hate using the word but, crazy.  I arrived at the hospital anywhere between 5 – 7 PM. Time was not something I was paying attention to. The ambulance was AMR. I’m mentioning this because that’s when more despair hit as I realized I will have to fight tooth and nail with my insurance company for this trip. They do not offer ambulance service. The reason is because the companies won’t take the insurance because Independence Blue Cross does not pay, go figure. Now I’m at the hospital and a quick little story… I am on a bed in the hallway. There is a nurse using a rolling computer with no gloves, no mask, touching her face leaning on her hands etc. I was waiting for Ashton Kutcher to pop out and tell me that I just got punked!  Everyone and their mother, including myself, were wearing masks. I guess she thought she was special. 🤦🏻‍♀️

I finally get brought into the little intake room. The doctor came in and he was very pleasant. The nurse came in and she accessed my port and got anti-nausea medication started. I had a lovely little roommate at first. A 93-year-old mom of 5. She was just the sweetest little thing. She made the first part of my stay bearable. She was telling me her stories as I was vomiting into my bag. And as weird as that sounds, it was comforting and I wasn’t as scared. Finally the medication took affect. My little friend was being taken up to her room. Before she left she told me how she was 93 and she’s never been sick in her life, so why now. I explained that she’s level 93 and she’s just in for a reboot for her next 93 years. She seemed to enjoy that.

The next person brought into this tiny little room with me was an older gentleman. At that time my anxiety started. By this point I was no longer vomiting but I was having an anxiety attack. I was offered Ativan which gave me my only real relief of the evening. I was told I would be taken to an area to be observed. Basically this area was the hospital’s mental ward. Then I arrived at the green mile, my name for the green section of the hospital. I saw no psych doctor. I did speak with a psych nurse. Of course they asked me why I was there and then asked if I felt suicidal at that moment. I explained I feel suicidal pretty much every moment because of my situation, but at that exact moment in time, no. Then they asked if I felt suicidal at that moment in time how would I do it. I basically said, umm I am in the hospital now so I’ll probably grab a syringe and poke my eye out. I don’t know. 

During this time other patients are coming in. Homeless patients saying they were suicidal and/or could possibly hurt someone. I know they were homeless because people were “talking”. One person was discharged and was very upset because I guess he had nowhere to go. He then showed back up because he went and got readmitted. Seriously. Pretty smart as he/they really know how to work the system. It was just a very surreal eye-opening experience for me. As for me, at 3:51 AM I was told I was being sent home because there was no real risk with me. I can’t even begin to tell you the look on my face but I’m sure you probably know. 😳

You see I’m not on Medi-Cal through my disability. I use Independence Blue Cross through my husband’s work. They don’t pay so hospitals don’t want me. Read that again, because that’s exactly it. Now if I had been a wealthy person with a good insurance, I would’ve been put on hold. If I’d had been homeless person or someone at poverty level on government insurance I would’ve been put on hold. But I’m a nobody with crappy private insurance so I was kicked to the curb. At 5:42 AM the ambulance arrived to take me back home. They were trying to figure out who is going to pay for it. I explained to just get the ambulance that I would have to deal with my insurance company after the fact. You see there’s no way for people like me to get transport to and from hospitals with Independence Blue Cross. and, they are “out of state” so it’s at an out of network rate. So I have to appeal every single time for an in network rate. This is NOT what should be happening in the United States of America with private insurance or any insurance! 

So now, I am home. The only thing that was accomplished was I found out I have an awful bladder infection. I already knew that, bladder stones. Duh!! They gave me no mental health care help. I had to ask for mental health care resources. I got two pieces of paper with some phone numbers.  I tried to kill myself and that was the help I got. Going through the two days of hell vomiting continuously woke me up. Does that mean I will never try to hurt myself again? I don’t know. But now it’s no longer a secret. Now it’s no longer the elephant in the room. Now I can call out for help because those that love me know what I’m going through. 

I have a video call with my neurologist on Tuesday. I will be making video call appointments with my other doctors today for next week. I’m not going to be complacent anymore and allow this kind of treatment. I’m going to fight for my life and my health and my family. I’m afraid every day. I have feelings of ending my life every day. But now, after this time, I believe I will choose life every time. Can I say that with 100% certainty? No, of course not. But I will do my best to always choose life.

Have courage and be kind.

14 thoughts on “Suicide – It’s Time We Talk!

  1. I’m so glad you reached out, dear soul. You are so very needed here. Sending love and healing. ♡
    PS FUCK our healthcare system.

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      1. 😢😢😭😭😭…My dear friend, you are incredibly important to me…what you have battled for years, most people could never handle….there will come a time when the average every day person will rise above all the nonsense in this country as we are the backbone..IBC is a fucking disgrace and should be eliminated.
        Rest and please stay well! ♥️♥️♥️

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      2. I am working on rising up right now. 😉 I am hoping I can be some sort of voice because I will be loud if I need to be. I mean that’s obvious. LOL maybe that’s why I got stuck with this illness and everything happening. Or maybe it was just dumb luck. But either way I am going to keep fighting! Today has been a very good day! ♥️😘


      3. 😢😢😭😭😭…My dear friend, you are incredibly important to me…what you have battled for years, most people could never handle….there will come a time when the average every day person will rise above all the nonsense in this country as we are the backbone..IBC is a fucking disgrace and should be eliminated.
        Always here for you! ♥️♥️♥️

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  2. 😢 Tracy, you are the strongest person I know, please don’t ever stop fighting, and always remember you are not fighting alone💪❤️

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  3. Suicide does not want you. But I sure do! ❤️
    I’m here forever for you.
    I’m right there with you. Fuck health care! 🖕


  4. I am very impressed with your kandur i can totally relate to a point but never acted many thoughts though…. Very disgusted with the healthcare im so sorry that happened to you the system really sucks! Sounds like you have good family around you … I too have MS but not like yours ..only thing that keeps ne here is my kids and grandkids i really try to think of them and i pray alot idk …. One thing i can tell is that you seem like a fighter a WARRIOR!

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    1. Thank you for this comment. I do have a good family around me and I’m learning that I have some pretty amazing friends as well! I literally have not been out of my bed for or since December 10, 2013. Maybe a total of 40 days or so out of the bed. So that’s over six years. So now I’m trying to look at it differently. Being bedbound for that long does some serious damage to your joints bones everything so I will get my rehab eventually, I just hope I can do it in time. To get back some movement. MS made me have to become a fighter so I believe we are all MS warriors together in this. And we have to keep fighting. It can just be so terribly hard sometimes.


  5. Oh hun …. you are so damn brave even talking about this and that is HUGE!! A good friend of mine lost his brother a year ago to suicide .. I know that anyone at any time can comtempate it and there have been times i have too in my life.. I am so fucking disguested that you went thru all that and they STILL send you home????!!!! I love you my friend and you have always been an inspiration to me . Please do not hesitate to reach out and talk to someone now that you have vocalise this …xxxxxxxxxxx

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    1. Thank you so much. I’ve already got calls into my doctors next week for phone appointments. I’m going to get them to get their butts in gear regarding my rehab. And I have a call into a mental Health clinic as well. So this was a wake up call for me and it’s going to be a wake up call for some others as well. 🖤

      I am so sorry for your friends loss. I have so many people close to me that have gone through this and it breaks my heart and we have to talk about it.

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