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There are signs everywhere

When I feel like I can’t go on and I’m at my worst, things happen that pick me back up from the depths of my own hell.

On June 18, 2017 I joined an MS support group on Facebook. After a few months I was asked to be a part of the amazing administration team. 🤗 If not for this group I don’t think I would be holding on to hope or to life. I have met the most amazing MS warriors on the planet in this group which is now over 10,300 members strong.

Today wasn’t starting out to be very good. #Understatement 😉  When I came online I was greeted with wonderful comments to a post on Facebook by some amazing people that I met through the group. Another beautiful warrior messaged me regarding a gift she is sending me. ♥️ And then when I went in to the group, another amazing warrior sister posted a few memes and one of them resonated with me directly to my soul. I felt the need to come here and blog. I really can’t stress enough how this group and all of the amazing MS warrior brothers and sisters help me through every day! Now there are some days where I wish I could jump through the computer screen and junk punch a few of them 😂  But overall 99% of the members are absolutely wonderful. The group makes me feel like I am home.

And now without any further ado the meme…

Now if only I could have her hair. ☺️

Have courage and be kind!

14 thoughts on “There are signs everywhere

  1. Tracy, you are an Inspiration and a Rock Star!
    Your words touched my heart. I agree about our incredible Warrior Family. I was lost before finding all of our incredibly strong willed brothers and sisters. We all fight everyday to overcome obstacles that none of us asked for.
    Your blog is the first one I’ve ever gone on. You have a gift. Keep writing. oxo Love you my Warrior sister.
    I also liked your title logo and would love a copy. 🙂

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    1. You’re gonna make me cry again. LOL I’m just so very glad that I found you guys! I spend more time in the group then I do anywhere else. 😉
      You honor me that you came in and read my blog. Thank you very much! ♥️
      I will send you the title logo and I can make you something for yourself. Just let me know.
      Love you back XO


  2. Tracy, I am so glad you found this FB group to be helpful! It is extremely important to have a support system and there are so many that just do not understand how we feel living with MS. I think you are absolutely 150% amazing and special in many ways. The funny thing is, I think I joined that group, but I seldom post anything and I really do not have any reasons. I have seem some posts, but never know what to say. I might have posted a question on this group, but I can’t even remember my question now. You my dear have an ability to comfort people and really understand! You have been very inspirational to me numerous times and I appreciate you!!

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    1. You need to do a post ther and you need to tag me in it. That way I can find you. It gets a little crazy there sometimes. lol I joined because of the F word. LOL I was in other groups and I used that word once because I was very upset and they deleted my comment. So when I found them, it was home. 😉
      Thank you again for your kind words. I wish I could write as well as you do. And don’t tell me I do because I know I don’t. 😜 I always tell people I was a business major, not an English major. 😉

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      1. I honestly joined that group because of the F word as well! I like being able to read what people write and it not be fake! How do I tag you so you can find me? Is finding people in this group just the facebook name?
        You are so very welcome for the kind words! Tracy I do believe you are a far better writer than you are giving yourself credit for! My entire life I wanted to go to college to be a journalist, but never was able to do so. I have a degree in Business concentrating in HR. I often tell people that I have a Masters in BS!!


      2. Oh my gosh you’re so funny. I actually have a BSBA. I always tell people it’s my bullshit bare ass degree. The funny thing about my blogs if it’s exactly the way I speak. LOL I use talk text because my fingers don’t work all the time. So I have to go back and re-read a lot because sometimes things come out pretty strange. 😉

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      3. I love your sense of humor! That is great to say you have a BSBA!!! That is a great idea to use talk to text. I was just telling my husband I have things on my mind I want to write about, but my right shoulder to my finger tips hurt SO bad right now!!!

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      4. Yes ma’am I use Windows. I am sure there is something and if I could get my husband out of his funk, he could help!! When I said he was sick earlier, that was not entirely true. He has been in a horrible funk for a LONG time now and it is HARD!

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      5. As you see I found it! Being bedridden I have my notifications set so that whenever anyone posts I see it. I saw your name and I was not sure of your last name but I just had a feeling.

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