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What would make life easier for you?

The cure for MS would make life easier, but since that is not available, what would help?

I was asked this recently, and it’s a hard answer. So many things would, but what is the number one thing?

So, I’m compiling a list.


  • tile or real wood floors [easier for rolling]
  • all cripple access doors [wider]
  • in home physical therapist
  • wheelchair that has a raising option and comfy seat and can lift my legs when they swell
Want mine all black! 😉
  • Beach wheelchair so one day I can see the beach again
a girl can dream
  • hand controls for my van so I can drive again
  • interior paint for my home so being in here all the time makes me happy [sounds strange, but when housebound having a nice home really helps]
  • shit… a whole interior house remodel including all doors interior and exterior! lol
  • body transplant – just thought I’d throw that in! lol
  • tummy tuck – seriously or not

As I read this over it all seems so, well, stupid. I really have no idea of what I need or what would help me the most. I wish it was that easy.

Right now it’s my weight that is killing me. I try so hard and nothing works. Someone close to me, put their hand on my belly and asked me when I was due. My heart broke right then and there. I know, I know, let it go… easier said then done! I can’t shake it. I’ve come to realize it’s the weight gain causing me the most pain/depression.

Blah, blah, blah…

16 thoughts on “What would make life easier for you?

  1. I’m taking the liberty of sharing your list with my prayer group because we believe that NOTHING is too hard for God, Tracy. First, we pray for a cure, and then for His very best for you. ❤


  2. I’m not a dippy hippy but I do believe in the karma of the internet and dreams becoming reality if you put things out there – so I hope someone sees this list and makes it happen for you ……..
    personally I just want to see the places that beach wheel chair would be taken I could see a whole blog on Tracy & the wheelchair from base camp Everest to Hawaii …..
    I understand how you feel about the décor as this must be frustrating ……


  3. I know how you feel about the belly thing. I really dislike when people assume you are having a baby cause you have a belly. They really need to think before they speak even if it is someone close to you. They just don’t realize how that hurts a person. Not that there is anything wrong with being pregnant but it just sucks when someone comes up to you and ask when the due date is. I’ve had that happen one too many times and each time, it still hurts.

    I would love for you to have those wheelchairs to make it more easy for you, but mostly, I would rather you be out of a wheelchair and walking and dancing. Still praying and hoping my friend. (((hugz))) 🙂


  4. Love U T. My tears flow for your relationship with your mom; may forgiveness and understanding of our failed humanity help you through. We all deserve compassion; those who do us wrong need even more. You are the mother of compassion GF; I have seen you demonstrate it time and time again. Stay strong in your convictions and this feeling of sorrow will pass. Know you are loved……Believe it !!


  5. I could see you and me strolling down the beach, it is a beautiful warm sunny day and we are enjoying a mixed drink…keeping my fingers crossed! xoxo


  6. Tracy
    I know how you feel although i don’t have MS my b/f of 18 years has MD and he is going through the same things as you far as being in a mobility unit, he has a regular office chair that he rolls in when he is on the way to the shower or when he is on his way to the living room to transfer (our bathroom doors aren’t made for this chair either)…his weight is a problem for him he has gained a number of pounds over the last few years, it just kills me inside to see him just eat and eat and not be able to exercise to get rid of it..

    We watch a tv show every now and then that deals with making motor cycles, he wants so bad to have one made but he knows how expensive they are and that’s not the kind of money he has, He does have a van with the controls for him to use if he feels the need and it has a lift gate as well…

    He has a bucket list (if you will) that he wants to do someday but he also knows it will never happen..



  7. how about walls and doors that move out the way 😉
    A bottomless money pit?
    Yeah, that’s not happening either lol
    You know what works pretty well with the pregnancy thing? ‘I’m due about the same time as you!’ or you could say a male friend, either works pretty well.. (On the joking side).
    My weight is also an issue for me, I wont say it’s not, there are plenty of worse things in life that we could be as people then big because we can’t exercise like we once could. Take care of yourself xx ((Huggles))
    .. Oh and if any supermodels are reading this I have spare for lip-plumping! (If they’ve sucked all yours up). hehe xx


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