Beauty Under Glass!

Some new things going into my shop:

Hearts and Birdie -sold separately
Butterflies and Flowers - sold separately

Just some new things I’m trying out. Each has a Swarovski Crystal attached.

Hope you like!


26 thoughts on “Beauty Under Glass!

  1. I still don’t see it in the shop… but I really like the butterfly one :’) How much would it be including the cost to be sent to the UK pretty please with cherries on top x


  2. I’ve ordered it 😀 I can’t believe I got it lol… I thought someone would have beat me to it for sure lol *Happy wheelie dances* It’s my birthday on the 14 of May it might get here in time if I’m lucky xx Thank you xx


  3. Good thing you got the butterflies, cause I really liked that one too but I’m too late…lol. I do like the bird one. Are you going to make more? Just wondering 🙂 they are beautiful Tracy.


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