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One Bathroom does not a happy mom make…

Here is where we are at:

tile baby!

It’s a bit slow going but in the end it will be worth all the stress. I hope! lol The guys doing this for me work in 100+ degree weather and are beat after a 10 hour day, so coming by after work is not happening. And to top it off, they got their tools stolen at their job site! What fucking loser steals another person’s tools? I hope they catch the prick…I wanna watch!! lol

Thankfully for us we have another full bathroom.

The problem is me! Shaddup! lol Getting in to the other bathroom is a chore for me. My chair only goes in so far and then it is hang on and shuffle in. The bathtub/shower unit barely fits my shower chair, so I have to sit sideways. Getting my leg up and over the bathtub is comical in itself! Getting out, well I’m glad I’m still limber! All I’m sayin’! 😛

I must be spoiled as well, as I do not know how anyone can have 5 people in a household and share 1 bathroom. It’s making me crazy!! Seriously, how do people do it? Growing up we always had at least 2.5 bathrooms in our home…sometimes more. OK, I was/am spoiled. What can I say… I need my bathroom!! 😦

Hey, I know it’ll happen and the guys are doing the labor for free, so I’m content with it all. [on the outside] 😉 Thank God for medication!!

Speaking of medication… still waiting on the Ampyra. Fucking insurance, as usual, does not want to pay for it. Bet if one of their loved ones needed it, they’d cover it. ASSHOLES!! I will get it, just hoping by the time I do it might still be able to help me…

Ah, this is life!

Blessings and Hope!

8 thoughts on “One Bathroom does not a happy mom make…

  1. The shower is coming along super! never surprises me about jerk offs stealing things..the big city that I live outside of it is an every day occurrence..maybe we need those huge, massive guard dogs to just suddenly appear and scare the thieves shitless!..LOL!!



  2. That Is just wrong, to steal a man’s tools!

    Theres no way I could live with one bathroom. NO WAY! I had too at one time and one time only when I was living with my boyfriend and it was a bachelors Now we have 3 bathrooms. AMEN! 😀


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