The Bathroom saga – It’s starting!!!

It’s finally happening!!!!

woo hoo

Bobbi, the woman at my hubbies work who is the MS walk go-to girl for my team has a fab fiance, Tom. He is a contractor and does construction for movies etc.

He came out and measured and said he will get me my bathroom!! woot woot

To add to how amazing he and Bobbi are, he is not charging me any labor. Rog and I will go get all the materials for the job and he and Rog will gut the bathroom. Tom is then going to prep the bathroom for the tile.

Then, one of his guys who does tile will be coming out and adding the handicapped bars, shelves, built in fold up shower chair, etc and putting in the tile. We will pay labor for him. Which is all good.

I’m defiantly going to get or do something nice for Tom and Bobbi for the free labor. That is an amazing gift to me.

I am so excited. I’ve been for so long for this and now it is happening!!

Thanks so much to the fabulously 40 ladies and Universal for your help in making this dream a reality!!

Here is my bathroom now:

out with the old

Blessings and Hope!!

14 thoughts on “The Bathroom saga – It’s starting!!!

  1. Oh honey I’m so pleased for you ……. can’t wait to see the new bathroom ….. you never mentioned the stripper pole !


  2. Way cool woman! I am so happy for you. I know how badly and how long you have needed this done.
    Your friends rock!!! Be sure and let us see the finished product. xoxo


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