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A Juicer day..

We played with our new Breville Juicer today. We made a drink using 5 small oranges, 1 mango, 1/2 cantaloupe, and 3 tblsp of greek yogurt. We got 4 glasses, good size out of it. It was yummy. Even the kids liked it. We got ours at Bed, Bath and Beyond using one of my many 20% off coupons. I love that store. Thanks again to my sm Cheryl!!

Loooove it!!

Clean up is a breeze. Even I can do it!! lol


Tonight is the 3rd season premiere of True Blood! I am so excited. Eric [Alexander Skarsgård] can bite me anytime!!

Now here's a yummy Vampyre...

Can this Sunday get any better?? Well, yes it can… steak for dinner!! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Blessings and Hope!!

12 thoughts on “A Juicer day..

  1. I saw that juicer at crate and barrel, I am gonna go to bed, bath and beyond now so I can use my 20% coupon 😀 woohoo!!! I have been wanting a juicer for so long!!!

    And True Blood Is one of my fave shows. I don’t have cable so therefore I don’t have HBO, but I do buy the dvd’s and I am now starting on the 2nd season. So In love with Bill Compton (Stephen Moyer) ;p

    Enjoy your juicer tracy and send some recipes my way so when I get mine…lol



    1. The Breville comes with some great recipes. That’s where I got the one in the blog.
      Today I am going to play with blueberries, bananas and mango’s. YUMMY!! I hope. 😛

      Watching my dvr of TB right now, I hope it gets better than this. Kind of disappointed in it right now!



  2. Hey Tracy it is so great to hear you happy and positive. It makes my heart feel happy!

    I’ve always wanted a juicer and researched them in depth at one time. Even bought a couple of books (I buy wayyyy to many books!) on the benefits of juicers and recipes.

    Breville is one that I looked at, but I never bought one. I think because I was chicken and didn’t know if I’d really use it. I mean I have a super big, super deluxe Kitchen Aide food processor that I have never figured out…in spite of the CD that came with it…

    Is it really that easy to use and to clean? Do you think you’ll use it lots? I’ve never known anyone that had one…so baby I got questions!!

    So glad to hear your happy voice! And I might even watch True Blood. I bought the first season and loved it. But then I heard that the second season was weird…so I didn’t get it. Was that a mistake?

    Big gentle hugs!



    1. Hi Kathy!! TY and I’m hoping to keep this feeling going!

      So far, I love the juicer. I was nervous about the cleanup, but it was easy. If you clean right after making, it’s basically just a good hot rinse. Carrots, I’ve heard do stain them. But, I’ve heard that for all the juicers.

      The motor is awesome. There are two speeds on this one, I only have needed to use the low speed. And it takes whole apples. [it says] Have not tried that yet.

      It does get weird in True Blood, but it is a weird show. It is good. I’m watching the premiere right now of season 3 and so far am not impressed. Hoping it gets better!!

      big huggzz to you!


  3. You mean season 3 Is not that good? say It Isn’t so!!! I am on 2nd season but only watched one episode so, as I discovered that Nip/Tuck’s last season was out on dvd, so I am all Into that now. 😀


  4. My sis bought a juicer too and loves it..well, guess that means I am that mixture of the mango, oranges, cantaloupe and greek yogurt…yummo, you is making me very tirsty!! XO


  5. Hey Tracy…how much did you pay for your juicer? If you don’t mind me asking cause I was just at BBand B and the breville they had was almost 300.00 bucks. Are there differant kinds of brevilles? The one I saw at Crate and Barrel was 99.00. I am going to have to check C and B


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