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Talking Positive…

Now, while I know a positive attitude is ‘healthy’ that does not mean I have to be positive all the time. My friend Vicki pointed me to fabulous blog;

Lines like ‘enough of all this positive shit – let us just adjust and rage and kick ass if we want’, had me peeing myself…literally!

I am so happy for people that can be honestly positive and happy. I think it’s awesome. I was there once. But, sometimes in life, shit happens and sometimes it’s not positive. I’m positive I have primary progressive MS. I’m positive it helped to cause my degenerative disc dis-order, fatigue, incontinence, tremors, spiders [feeling like something is crawling all over me], migraines, depression, eye problems, constant  numbness, oh and the little issue of no longer being able to walk. So I’m positively pissed off and angry. Is that really so very terrible?

Just because I am not always positive does not mean I’m not happy. Does not mean good things don’t happen to me. I am happy, most days, and good things do happen to me.

But when well meaning [idiots] tell me maybe if I was more positive I could heal my body. Really??


Don’t get me wrong, most people do mean well. But some are just psycho, new age, get stung by bees, snake oil sales people. And those people can be ‘deadly’ to someone with a true illness. People told my friend Vicki to drink her own urine for her cancer! WTF is that about. My sister had stage 3 breast cancer, if she had listened to these morons, she would not be here right now. We all know and hear that many hardcore medications are poison, but it saved my sister. She is in her 6th year of remission. Drinking urine would have killed her. She is an R.N. and knew what she had to do to survive, like Vicki. I’m very glad they did, and they are still here!

Others told my friend Carol maybe her cancer came because her faith was not right/good. WOW!! I was told the same things. Or like the moronic book, The Secret, I intended it. Really??! And people believe this shite? I’m thinking they must not be the brightest stars in the sky! I’m POSITIVE they have mental illness! There, some positivity for you! 😛

I’ll get off my positive soap box, for now.

Blessings and Hope!

21 thoughts on “Talking Positive…

  1. I have now come to reflect that the last ten years were an era defined by people thinking that instead of hard work they could read a book and all would fall in their lap and if you wanted money you just wrote notes and put them all over your house and the money appeared out of the sky and if you gave out “super positive vibes/thoughts/feelings” everything great would happen with a spring a pixie dust on top…….. actually it’s all BS and the only person with notes round their house making money is the author of the dumb book / new thought / pixie dust seller ……… so maybe the next ten years will be defined by grit and determination and focus on the job in hand ………and to back up my thoughts look at the economic mess we are in – people thought money was free and over extended themselves to buy crap and junk!
    My mother is a wise old bird and she said God gives women the menopause because for the first 40+ years they are the nurturers and the carers and after forty plus you need your life back so he switches the “here let me make this better” button off and gives you “get out of my face ass hole” button and order is restored in life……… I’m following this train of thought and just doing my job and living my life and not letting the huge shadow in my life over shadow me………


  2. I love Vicki’s mommas thinking….LOL

    Just the other day my aunt and uncle came by for a visit, which was nice, of course the highlight was my uncle sitting down and promptly announcing he now had a clip on his penis to help with the leakage cause he was 71 and pissing on himself without it….family gotta love the over communication…..then he proceeded to get on me for being reckless and stubborn and a bad daughter and that I had failed to take care of myself and a couple of other dumb statements and that is why my back was all jacked up. I was like “No, it is scoliosis, disc degeneration, spinal stenosis, fractured vertebra, and things just needed to be fixed, it’s not because I’m a bitch and karma got my ass” I am surprised he didn’t recommend I get pissed on by a 6 month old baby boy….oh wait that only cures bee stings….LOL


    1. I love her thinking as well!! lol
      hmmmm a penis clip? Wonder if they have something like that for women!! rofl

      And if karma got you, it would only be good karma!!

      Urine does help jellyfish stings though! rofl

      love ya


      1. My karma is a bitch, but I’m gearing up to be a bigger bitch to fight the bad karma and reclaim the good karma. And whatever I do I’ll stay away from piss, my own or anyone else…unless I decide to kink it up and go for a “golden shower” (I kid)


  3. Wow…what a great blog…and makes so much sense…Thanks for putting things into perspective…not that I go out and believe what people say…but you are right…there are plenty of people that try to fill our heads with useless and damaging garbage…I still cannot believe someone told her to drink her own urine!

    I also have medical problems…mainly with my legs and have a difficult time getting around and lately I have had to use my mother’s walker…something that I hate to use as it makes me feel old…people tell me to do this and do that…but I don’t listen to anyone as I know what is wrong with me and what I need to do to fix it…

    I didn’t really know what MS does to a person and I am glad that you clarified that…I knew it was a muscular disease and that was it…I didn’t know about all the other awful stuff that came with it…So sorry you have to face these demons every day…I admire you for your courage and strength.


  4. Right outa’ d park Miz Tracy…you totally nailed that one. And the article you linked to had me nodding my head in agreement (looking like an idiot, no doubt) the whole way through.

    I met my fibro diagnosis with pretty much the same attitude she had “unreasoning passive aggressivity” about the cancer treatment.

    “What drug do you want me to try next? Okay.” No research done just eh, she’s the expert…but then I wasn’t getting any better I was getting worse.

    And then I went down a path similar to you and Barbara Ehrenreich. Okay, down is a poor choice of words. I got real, I guess.

    Now I tend to look at all my options. And I shared the Low-Dose Naltrexone info with you because…well…it’s another option. Right up there with bee stings and good intentions, maybe? I don’t know.

    What I do know is…I couldn’t agree with you more about the b.s. about positive attitude. (and super happy bloggers drive me nuts, pet peeve)

    Now I have an obsessive “you fix you!” attitude about my health. I have to know my options and gather up all the available info before I “consent” to a doctor’s treatment. (Which may be why I cannot find a doctor in San Diego. Bunch of jerks on their high horses.) Not sure if that’s particularly healthy but that’s where I’m at. And yes, I did try positive thinking. I sucked at it.

    I hope you didn’t feel like I was pushing by giving you that info. If I did, lesson learned and I apologize.


    1. Sillr girl, the LDN is not a snake oil. It is a tried medication. I am making an appointment to see my neuro today to talk about it more. I’m ready to try it. I appreciate when people tell me of ‘real’ things to look in to.
      In no way did you push anything Kathy! ❤

      I will try anything that has some proof behind it. The only meds I will not ry are those that have seizures or death as a side effect. Go figure!! lol

      big hugggzz, xoxo


  5. Oh Tracy! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    You know, I know in my mind that I don’t need permission to be angry, to express my anger, or to put my foot down and ‘protect’ myself, but it sure makes it easier when you read something like this.

    I’ve had the ‘faith’ explanation of why I live with the pain of a disability, I’ve also been told if only I were more ‘positive’ I’d not have the pain and the best (insert sarcasm) explanation I’ve been treated to for the childhood abuse I survived, the pain I live with, the disability that’s taken away my mobility…. wait for it…. we all write a plan for our lives before we are born and I chose this life for myself because there was something I needed to learn during this ‘incarnation’.


    ((Hugs)) oxox


    1. Robin, I always consider the source. Usually the ones who mind are healthy and have no clue what it is like to go through real dilemmas, or it’s people that cannot express their own anger.

      NEVER apologize for your feelings.
      love ya Robin!


  6. Oh God! I’m laughing so hard I better check the sheets to see if they’re wet! haha

    Everyone’s comments were so good. Loved them all!


  7. I had years of that stuff. I was ill because it was my fault, I was negative, I wasn’t trying hard enough, if only I would…blah, blah. How many of these people have had a day off work because they’ve got a cold?!?!?!?!?! Having in later years associated wth ‘proper’ caring, knowledgeable doctors and ‘proper’ healers, alternative theapists their response has been more on the lines “You’re still alive?!?!? You shouldn’t be. You’ve done so well, you ARE doing well, how can we REALLY help get you through?” Many people are so toxic with their attitudes because if they faced the true course of illness on a physical, spiritual level and what ‘s all about they would realise they do not have total control themselves. As we are they can be tomorrow and beyond that, the ultimate – death. Isn’t it nice to think that urine or positve thinking could spare them that???


  8. MzTracy,

    If you were always positive, you’d be out of touch with reality. There are several psychological terms for that!…and I think there’s a word for how you feel in spite of your circumstances. It’s joy. Besides how you feel, that’s what you are to us, especially with stories about decorating your WC and pp prescriptions. Hilarious!
    Much love to you and your family.


  9. Amen sista to your blog. I can very much relate. My dad once told me to stop eating Doritos’s (remember junk IS easier to digest than the healthy foods that about kill me) and stop smoking and all my health would be restored. Wish it was THAT easy, lol! Im a happy person, but I do deal with depression and anger of my current conditionS the past 5 yrs. Some days it plan SUCK and I dont want to fake the smile. Hence the phase Im feeling lately.


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